Ken The “Polar Bear” Happy Camper’s New Blog Site

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I am beginning my first Blog and am looking forward to meeting other bloggers that enjoy most anything to do with camping and having fun being outdoors.

I am from the great state of Alaska and have spent a great deal of time outdoors in all sorts of weather and ranging across a large expanse of different environments. My time growing up in the Alaska wilderness was spent fishing, hunting, hiking, boating, and as a teenager at age fifteen, I learned to fly airplanes. That lead me into joining the US Army in June 1970. I entered into helicopter flight school and for the next twenty plus years, I flew for the Army and doing a lot of “Army” camping, or as we called it—misery training. The Army just doesn’t camp for the fun of it. However, I did experience the great outdoors across the world and in many places in the good ol’ USA.

I am planning to use my Blog site to relate some camping stories, discuss some neat ways to make camping a fun and comfortable experience regardless of the seasons and weather conditions. With today’s modern equipment, comfort camping is much easier than it was when I was growing up and growing older. That is a good thing as I am no longer interested in misery training.

Will be looking forward to meeting new folks and hearing how you make camping fun as well. Until next time, happy camping and enjoying the great outdoors.