Camping Tent Pads

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While traveling around the United States, my wife and I have utilized prepared camping sites that have added amenities such as bathrooms and showers. My wife and I have aged to the point that we require some comfort things that we used to not really care about. Anyway, we have found that the tent pads are really a great thing to have as they make setting up and sleeping on a flat surface very nice. There have been a few inconveniences when we first began using these sites. The primary one is some are very shallow and don’t like tent pegs. This caused us to find ourselves moving around in the tent as the tent was blown around due to heavy winds. We have adapted now and when we cannot use the pegs we make sure to have sand bags or other rather weighty anchors and have not had any problems since. We have also found that in some locations we can tie our risers to surrounding stationary objects such as trees or other well anchored property items. All this being said, we adapt and make sure we turn lemon experience into a lemon-aide experience. Keeping a sense of humor and not taking ourselves to seriously helps.